over the last year, a fluid and instable group of people has been putting lots of thoughts and love in how to organize a small festival with an ambitious name that takes place at the institute of applied theatre studies in gießen since 1984. the question that was dealt with from lots of perspectives and that glued everything together again and again was how to organize a festival, that doesn’t reproduce what it criticizes within its own microstructures yet aims to refer to its prospective contents, becoming inherent.

DISKURS 2018 is an invitation to shift ideas of what could be an ‘us’, without a ‘them’.

facing the first autumn breezes, we* want to get together with you* to generate a collective presence of everything we wish for. in a warming up conversation about warming up, we  share strategies for tough days and then read ourselves in the form of a novella. we watch sunrises together and practice ways of solidarity instead of affirming the very same structures we* are not willing to put up with.
for all of this and every possible more, we* offer time, space, proposals to be share and filled, or to be left empty, to waste, to sip and to compost.