Alina Lupu is a stage designer in the morning, artist by day and a food delivery courier in the evening. Add to that barista at night, kitchen help in her dreams, writer, performer and intern. The variety of temp jobs collected on the way starts to demand a few pages just to be described. For her „a side-job is not an abstraction.” It is a starting point to talk about the precarious life of a maker. And this is just what she’ll be doing during DISKURS18.


Lia Carreira is a media artist and researcher. As an artist, she explores current technologies as potential platforms for engagement and agency in order to question and unravel contemporary modes of being. Her practice often involves hijacking existing technologies and appropriating online contents in order to question current forms of engaging with others and with online data. She is part of Oberrō, a communal project which explores acts of erring.


Sarah Wenzinger lives in Berlin and studied directing at the HFS Ernst Busch.

Sarah Metz (studied product and system design at the University of Kassel). Sarah Wenzinger and Sarah Metz are part of a cultural collective in Kassel which invokes autonomous structures and annually organizes a festival. Also both realized exhibitions and events over the last few years and ask themselves in their practical daily work: „How do you fairly work together on projects without going crazy? Plus: how do I pay my rent?” Most recently, they held a talk on the first subject at the Autonomy Symposium of the University of Kassel.


Erin Hill was born in Aylmer, Québec, and grew up in a house where the sunrise streams in through the kitchen window, from behind the pines. She works with long duration practices, collaborating with entities such as radio waves, magic
and the sun. Through dance she practices a feminist phenomenological approach to identity; feminism as being fluid, horizontal and somatic. She is a choreographer, performer, and writer and from 2016 – 2018 she studied at DasArts (NL).


At some point (@somepoint) are a collection of people who create and hold spaces which allow radical becoming outside of economised expectations of time, labour and productivity. Within these spaces people can learn from each other, build acommunity, share skills, eat together, make art, strategize and queer neoliberal structures of power. @somepoint arose from the Performance Arts course at the Royal central School of Speech and Drama and have created spaces at Youtopia Festival in the Green Rooms (London), Unlearning DARC Studios (London), and Unlearning Vierte Welt (Berlin).


a fluid and instable group of people is organizing this festival. They are all students of BA or MA of Applied Theatre Sciences or MA of Choreography and Performance. They all have other things, jobs, emotional labour, care work, projects and lives besides the organisation of this festival. This is why they decided to do it with no service as in a solidarity of services. They have very a lot of different imaginations on what this means and how does it look like, but somehow, it magically worked out, at least until here – this is why you are able to read this and other texts one this homepage (in case the person that uploads content actually uploaded it).


you* this you* that is mentioned here from time to time will be defined by who ever shows up in the festival. we just wanted to mention you* again here to include you* in the people who make this festival whatever it will be.