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This year the festival is entitled never again. art/talks/theory and brings together theater productions and performative works as well as installations, video works, lectures and talks. Artists, scientists and the audience can enter into lively discussions in various formats. The focus is on experimental works that provide new impulses in terms of artistic research, both aesthetically and in terms of content.

The theme of this year's discourse festival is never again. never again can be understood as a demand, a slogan, an oxymoron, an imperative or a social agreement. The title connects two mutually exclusive temporalities: closure, negation and prohibition, which resonate in never again, and repetition and unfinishedness, which are contained in never again. We use this dynamic as a starting point to explore the multiple implications of never again within contemporary art and science production.

The DISKURS34 team consisted of Helena Waldvogel, Calendal Klose, Paula Trummer, Maria Obermaier and  Laura Schilling 

DE: durcheinanderfliegende Festivalarmbänder mit der Aufschrift "Nie wieder"// EN: jumbled festival bracelets with the inscription "Never again"
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