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Information in easy language

DE: person mit einer sprechblase, darin ein Fragezeichen //EN: person with a speaking bubble, in it is a question mark

DISKURS is a festival.

A festival is a fiest.

The fiest lasts several days

There are many events at a festival.

At the DISKURS festival it is all about art.

and about what we think about art.

We think:

We have to think about a lot of things in a new way.

In art and in society.

And we have to do a lot of things differently.

DE: Person sitzt auf einer Bank und isst, macht pause// EN: person sitting on a bench and eating, taking a break

That is why the motto for our festival is:


They are English words.

  • smash means: to break.
  • pause means: pause.
  • trash means: trash.
    Waste is something valuable to us.
    Because you can make new things out of it.
DE: offener Mülleimer wo etwas reingeworfen wird//EN: open trash can where something is thrown in

We first break something old.

Then we take a break and think about:

What do we want to do differently?

After that, we make something new from the broken parts.

DE: Theatersaal, Stühle vor einer Bühne. Die Bühne hat einen roten Vorhang vorne// EN: Theatre room. Chairs infront of a stage. the stage has a red curtain

There are different types of events at the DISKURS Festival:


A performance is a show, much like in the theater.

DE: Ausstellungsraum. Figur, Bild und Vitrine im Raum ausgestellt //EN: Museum space. Figure, Painting and showcase are exhibitioned


An installation is a great work of art.

Sometimes you can even walk around in it. Often different materials and media are used.

For example:

  • music and
  • light and
  • images and
  • films and
  • stones
DE: Menschn sitzen rundum ein Tisch und sprechen miteinander// EN: people sitting around a table and are talking to each other


In a workshop, you work together on a topic.

People exchange ideas and learn from each other.


ou can be part of an art action and participate yourself.


DE: zwei Menschen kämpfen am Boden miteinander//EN: two people are fighting on the floor against each other

Caranguejo da praia das virtudes

This is Portuguese and means:

Beach crab virtues.

It is the title of a song from Brazil.

The song is about Madam Satã.

Madam Satã was an artist from Brazil.

He was a street fighter as well.

DE: zwei Menschen küssen sich// EN: two people are kissing each other

He fought against the oppression of:

  • Black people and
  • People who doesn't read and
  • queer people
    Queer is pronounced like this: Kwier.
    Queer people are, for example:
    Some men love men or
    - some women love women or
    some people are doesn't man or woman.
DE: eine person zeigt eine Kampfposition// EN: a person in fighting position

Jota Ramos shows in the performance:

Fighting oppression is like fighting a punching bag.

You have to be quick and keep hitting it.

Otherwise, the punching bag will swing back and hit us.


DE: Stühle vor einer Leinwand// EN: Chairs in front of a screen

Tere Mere Beech Mein

This is Hindi and means:

between you and me.

It is the title of a song by Lata Mangeshkar.

That was an Indian singer.

Her songs have been featured in many famous movies from India.

But you didn't see Lata in the movies.

She has sung for other actresses.

DE: Vier Menschen mahcen Musik and Gitarre, Schlagzeug und Klavier// EN: Poeple are making music with guitar, drum set and piano

Their songs are known all over the world.

And they were also used by other famous artists and artists.

For example:

In the song Toxic by Britney Spears there is a part of the song by Lata.

DE: person mit einer sprechblase, darin ein Fragezeichen //EN: person with a speaking bubble, in it is a question mark

Artist Juli Mahid Carly reflects in performance:

Lata has always sung for others.

How did Lata feel about it?

And what would have happened if an Indian singer had sung the song Toxic?

Would the song have become so famous then?

In the process, Juli discovers many surprises.




DE: Menschen sitzen rundum einen Tisch und diskutieren, einige heben die Hand// EN: poeple sitting around atable and discussing, some of them are raising hands

Action by Omission

Omission means:

To not doesn't domething.

Together we want to talk about different topics.

We want to hear many opinions.

After each topic we take a break.

During the break, we think again.

After that, we vote:

Are we happy with the result?

DE: ein lachendes Gesicht gezeichnet// EN: smiley faced drawn

For this we have installed buzzers in the room.

A buzzer is a button.

When you press the button, a light comes on.

We have installed the buzzers concealed.

You can press on it with your foot.

The vote is secret.

Only when everyone presses the buzzer, the light shines.

This means that everyone is happy with the result.

DE: Menschen sitzen auf Stühlen im Kreis// EN: people are sitting on chairs in a circle

If the light doesn't go on, then we talk about the topic again and think again.

After that, we'll vote again.

Our installation is designed to help everyone,

to participate in the performance.

So that everyone can say or show their opinion.



DE: ein Wasserhahn wo wasser raus läuft// EN: open faucet where water is coming out

The event is in English.

But we will gladly translate for you.

Be Water, My Friend

This is English and means:

Be Water, My Friend.

This is a saying of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee was a famous actor and martial artist from Hong Kong.

DE: Menschn an einer Demonstration, sie halten ein Transparent// EN: People at a demonstration in the street, they are holding a banner

In Hong Kong, many people have protested in 2019.

They have called for more democracy.

The artist Carmen Lee and

the artist Chun Shing Roland Au were present.

They experienced a lot of humanity there.

The water is a symbol of

the protests in Hong Kong.

DE: Strassenschild mit Ortsbeschreibung// EN: Street sign with description of the city
DE: ICon von Telegram der App // EN: Icon of the telegram app

We will take a tour of Giessen.

On the tour, texts are played and

you can participate.


You need a cell phone with internet for the tour.

On the cell phone must be the messaging service Telegram.


DE: gezeichnetes Flipchart// EN: drawn flipchart

The workshops are in English.
Unfortunately, we cannot translate here.

Posthuman Performance Lab

This is English and means:

Posthuman Performance Lab.

Posthuman means:

After the humans.

This is a project by the artist TL Morrison.

She works throughout the festival as:

  • Scientist and
  • artist.

TL Morrison does a workshop on the subject every weekend:

posthuman theory.

The word theory is used in science.

DE: person mit einer sprechblase, darin ein Fragezeichen //EN: person with a speaking bubble, in it is a question mark

The scientists explain a question with a theory.

But to this question there are still no sure answers.

A theory, then, is a collection of considerations and conjectures.

DE: Ein aufgeklappter Laptop// EN: opened laptop

The question in posthuman theory is:

What would happen,

if people had less power?

For example:

  • Because humans and animals are equal or
  • because computers rule the world.
DE: Menschen sitzen auf Stühlen im Kreis// EN: people are sitting on chairs in a circle

In the workshops, we want to consider together:

  • Can posthuman theory transform performance art?
  • What can this look like?
  • Can we use it to achieve more inclusion in theater?
DE: Person mit aufpassendem zeigefinger in einem roten warndreieck// EN: person with warning finger in a red warning triangle


The workshops are in English.

You can only participate,

if you speak English.

Bilder: © Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung Bremen e.V., Illustrator Stefan Albers, Atelier Fleetinsel, 2013.

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