About the festival

DISKURS is a festival at the interface between art and theory. Since 1984 it has been organized annually or biennially at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Gießen.

DISKURS35 will take place from 11. – 17. 10. 2021 and invites regional and international art and theory makers, students and interested people to come together, see, show, discuss and ask questions during these seven days.


We confront the ongoing pandemic situation with the greatest possible permeability. Since the beginning of this crisis, the cultural scene has been riddled, conditioned, shaken and inspired by porosity. Therefore, this year we invite artistic, theoretical and conceptual positions that provide approaches to address the motto porous.


We are looking forward to constructive proposals that deal with the threatening instability and vulnerability that porous entails, on the one hand, and with generative potentials resulting from it, on the other.

A special focus this year is on the permeability between digital and analog formats. Thus, we would like to encourage you to submit not only digital formats, but also works that seek new directions in analog reality.


We are looking for exciting proposals from the fields of performance, installation, media art, as well as lectures, discussion series and all hybrid or undefined formats. Work in progress is as welcome as workshop formats.

In addition, two short residencies (of two weeks each) will be offered during the festival, inviting those involved with theory and art to work on research projects on site, which can be presented during the festival period.

What we are looking for:


Anyone can apply with a work or concept of any artistic discipline. We are also explicitly looking for theoretical positions!

Formats we suggest are:
Presentation, for example, a lecture, performance, installation or any hybrid format.
Workshop, be it practice-based, theoretical or hybrid.
Presentation and workshop as two interrelated formats.

Hybrid/ undefined formats are very welcome.


We will invite two artists and:or theorists for a short residence of two weeks prior to the festival period. Artists:theorists in residence will be invited to be part of DISKURS35 and present their outcome:progress within the frame of the festival.
Due to the current dynamic COVID-19 situation, we reserve the right to adapt the conditions of a residency in consultation with the applicants if necessary.


Festivalzeitraum: 11.10. – 17.10.2021
Residenzen: 27.09. – 10.10.2021 + Festivalzeitraum
All participants (including artists:theorists in residence) will be invited to stay for the complete festival period in order to enable a lively DISCOURSE.


Gießen, Germany and in the digital space


DISKURS will offer a professional fee (at least 300€ per person) and accommodation as well as allowances for traveling (up to 140€) and material costs for artistic works (up to 150€).
The residency includes:
a fee (min. 800€)
food and accommodation in Giessen
a working/studio space
an allowance for material costs (min. 140€)


The OpenCall is open until the 5th of August.

***Due to technical difficulties we have exchanged the form on the website through the PDF documents below. All applications that have been confirmed already, are registered.*** 

In order to apply, please choose one of the following categories and download the Open Call document via clicking on the picture.

Please send the completed form as a PDF document by August 5 to application@diskursfestival.de