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Shyamala is biologist by profession but Singer by heart. She performed in many stages in India and Indian events in Germany. Music has no boundaries or language. She goes deep into music and remembers literally crying while singing during the childhood days.

Simon and the Diamonds (Soul / Funk / Blues / Rock)

The band SIMON AND THE DIAMONDS are ten musicians from Darmstadt, who approach soul on different paths since 2019 - funk, blues and rock are the stations on this path. The band is recruited from well-known bands of the Hessian music scene (including Bad Sugar Rush, Cliffsight, Dann Wohl Sophie, Lucid Void, Skaallüren).

The goal from the beginning was to approach the subject of soul with fun and experimentation. The result is a very unique reading and the various influences are noticeable.

Time: Entry from 20pm, and start concert at 21pm

Place: AK 44

Adress: Alter Wetzlarer Weg 44, 35392 Gießen.

The venue is wheelchair accessible. Difficult with wide e-wheel chair. For more information about the accessibility of the venue you can find HERE.

! A negative Corona test certificate must be brought to the event.
Eintritt auf Spendenbasis.


Hamburger Gitter

The G-20 Summit as a Showcase of Modern Policing.

In the course of worldwide protests against capitalist distribution struggles and environmental catastrophes, state repression against protests for a different world order is also intensifying. In Germany, too, police violence and state arbitrariness against left-wing activist groups are on the rise. We are showing a documentary about police work at the 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg, so as not to forget that basic democratic rights such as freedom of demonstration and freedom of the press are also increasingly under attack in this country. The film was produced by freelance journalists and filmmakers. Representatives from research, the judiciary, journalism and activism were interviewed.

Marco Heinig (Director, Editing), Steffen Maurer (Director, Camera), Luise Burchard (Editing), Luca Vogel (Editor), Mischa Pfisterer (Producer), Hansi Oostinga (Distribution)

Place: Performance Lab, Information on accessibility you can find HERE.

Time: 19.30 pm, duration 80 minutes.

language: german with english subtitles

content note: Representation of police violence

Clothes swap party

Bring the clothes you sorted out and swap them with other peoples treasures. We open the festival centre for you. There will be music, drinks and snacks.

Time:  21. October from 16:00 – 19:00 pm.

Place: Festival Centre, Information on Accessibility you can find HERE.

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