With These Hands

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About the artists

Daniel Victoria / Mil Mesetas

Daniel Victoria is an interdisciplinary scenic artist based in México. Most of his work has been produced in the context of the group Mil Mesetas, a creative space which combines performance, pedagogy and feminist activity. The projects of this group try to activate an irruption on an on-going-real situation involving the many vectors that shape the identity of its members, such as theater and performance education in a context of violence (The in/constant Prince, 2012-2015), parenthood and gender roles inside the family (You are not here, 2016), and myth and legend as narratives that empower the feminist philosophy (Lilith or rebellion, 2014-2017). Victoria is currently enrolled in the Master Degree in Directing of Devised and Object Theater of Prague´s DAMU. The projects led by him had been shown in México, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic.