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"To be aware" means to be conscious about the fact that other people in the space may have different boundaries and needs than you. 

In order for DISKURS Festival 2022 to be a space where as many people as possible can feel comfortable, we must all share responsibility. Unfortunately, complete security is not something we can guarantee you as a team. 

Things we want you to take with you for the festival visit: 

  • • Be aware that you may not know of the privileges people benefit from, but also forms of discrimination they are affected by. 
  • • Ask for pronouns when introducing yourself to new people.
  • • Ask for consent: only yes means yes and no means no. 
  • • Consume responsibly and try to be aware of your own limits.

We do not tolerate sexist, ableist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise discriminatory behavior. If you experience or notice this yourself, please contact us!

Report at the bar, at the entrance of the room or to the people of the DISKURS team. They are recognizable by black shirts with the print "DISKURS Crew". 


If you want to tell us that a situation or person at the festival was or is assaultive, without being recognized, you can use our Shout-Out-Box. Write us an anonymous message. The box will be checked once a day. 


The quiet room is located in Bühnchen 3000 - the room on the first floor in the Performance Lab. You can relax there if you need a quiet space. The room is designed to be as non-stimulating as possible. If you do not want to be alone there, please contact the team or the information desk. Bühnchen 3000 – der Raum auf Erdgeschoss Ebene im Theaterlabor. Dort kannst du dich zurückziehen, wenn du einen ruhigen Raum benötigst. Der Raum ist möglichst reizarm gestaltet. Falls du dort nicht alleine sein willst, melde dich beim Team oder am Info-Stand. 

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