DISKURS is a festival at the interface between art and theory. Since 1984 it has been organized annually or biennially at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. It was founded still under the name European Theater Student Meeting Discourse.
Each edition renegotiates the participants, locations and aim of the festival and also changes the curatorial team. The festivals name DISKURS forms the common entity. 

About smash|pause|trash or this year's edition:

With the motto smash|pause|trash we want to give a thought-provoking impulse to reorient social and artistic practices. We destroy what was (smash), we pause and think about what was or could be (pause) and create something new from the broken parts (trash). What of the old is usable and how do we create something new from individual parts? At what point is it necessary to close the gaps that have arisen or to replace individual parts with new ones?

Deceleration as a means of inclusion and reflection will serve as the overarching theme of the DISKURS Festival 2022. One priority is to reduce barriers of access. In addition to aspects of consuming and presenting, a space for discussion about what is seen, about current political issues in art, and a space for exchange between performers of different disciplines and spectators will be created.

  smash: October 15-16

This first weekend is dedicated to art or practices that deal with the destruction or breaking of structures in any sense. By the term we mean an active action to change / deconstruct what exists.  

We want to question and "destroy" the existing system of art practices and working conditions in general. This does not mean destruction in a physical sense but rather the deconstruction of prevailing thought and work processes. As a basis for this critique we see capitalist structures that have been shaping our thought and work processes for centuries for the purpose of maximum profit orientation.

  pause: 22-23 October

With the second weekend we want to show art practices that deal with pausing. It is meant to be a commentary on our current stimulus-flooded society, characterized by the idea that more and more has to be produced. It should also serve to decelerate and to locate the pause as something new.

We want to create space for the common reflection of the given social and political circumstances. 

 trash: October 30-31

The third weekend is meant to give space to new ways of thinking. The individual parts of what has been destroyed are to be reassembled for a creation of new art and art practices. Maybe in other circles this would be considered trash and maybe this trash already has its own definition. In any case, we are in anticipation of everything unknown that wants to give itself the label trash. We also see trash as a form of sustainable and alternative art and knowledge production, as a counter-design to hierarchies within art. The repurposing of old structures or forms opens up something new. 


gezeichnetes Bild von geometrischen Formen und Linien mit ausgeschnittenen Buchstaben des Wortes Smash
gezeichnetes Bild von geometrischen Formen und Linien mit ausgeschnittenen Buchstaben des Wortes trash
gezeichnetes Bild von geometrischen Formen und Linien mit ausgeschnittenen Buchstaben des Wortes trash